Ultimate Exakta Repair

A CLA and New Curtains for Your Camera - VX/VXIIa

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The book has arrived safely. WOW, it is gorgeous. When I ordered it, I thought it was a bit expensive. Now I would say you are way-undercharging... It is printed on very nice paper stock, the illustrations are amazing, and the text is meticulous in clarity and detail.

Received book in mint condition. Very good book. Already used it!

The book arrived in perfect condition, thanks a lot. From a first look at it I must say, it is a very nice piece of work, suitable to such a nice piece of work as the Exaktas are ;-)

The VXIIa book is the best camera repair manual I have ever used. Even for old timers like me. Not to mention the fact that you covered every curtain timing technique known to mankind. Well done!

This is to report that my Exakta book arrived yesterday, thank you, and I sat up late last night studying it. What a wealth of GOOD information! This will see a lot of use, until I have it memorized, and I'm sure it will turn out to be some of the best-spent money in my budding career as Exakta repairman.

Your book is great! For years, I have been plodding along with "third-generation" factory manual reprints from Mr. "X". What a difference.

Sh*t Miles, this is fantastic! I didn't think anyone had the language skills to describe fully how to repair a camera.

I found it Really very very well. Photos and presentation are remarkable.

Received last week the two repair books. My friend and I have repaired the Exakta that works better than any I have known. Domo Aragato.

I received the book today and it is very impressive. I have a shelf full of camera repair books and this one is definitely the best I have seen.

I did not expect such a good printing quality from your home printer. Perfect, Miles. And that was only the outside.

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