Ihagee Jr. Engraving

Exakta Related Sites

Captain Jack's Exakta Site - An Exakta site featuring Jack's collection!

CameraBooks.com - Petra Kellers and Ken Morton have created America's best photographic book store. Look here for additional Exakta titles!

Jeff Albro's Impact Guide - an immense selection of photographic links!

Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest - Stephen's site is the only place to get information on a broad range of collectibles. He's also the author of a new Exakta collector book coming to your bookshelf soon!

Javier Perez - Javier is also an Exaktaphile!

Andrzej Wrotniak - Andrzej takes a look at Exakta's!


Chris Lord - Exakta Astrophotography! - Chris has a dream come true in his back yard. ;-)

Exakta Circle - The world's largest Exakta club with members around the globe.


Klaus-Eckard Riess - Mr. Riess has a gallery of rare Dresden photographs taken after the WWII bombing.


Hans Roskam - a nice selection of equipment and a vast knowledge of optics!

Hugo Ruys' Ihagee.Org - Hugo's site contains much historical information for the Ihagee-ologist. Included is the most complete listing of known Exakta mount lenses - 2450+!

Jo Daelmans - Photographs of some of Jo's equipment.


The Exakta and Exa Pages - Olaf Nattenberg's new Exakta site - 11/2007

Fotoklub Exakta Dresden - A Dresden based photography club that included Werner Wurst as an original member.

PeterLanczak - Fantastic site with reproduction manuals for early cameras, top-notch historical information and original patent drawings!

Michael Lucoszek - Michael is a specialist in Dresden cameras!

Ekky Panneck - Roland 'Ekky' has a selection of equipment for sale. Older readers will remember him as one of the finest collectable dealers during the 1970's.

Klaus Rademaker - Klaus is an Exakta stud and part author of a new Exakta collectors book. Klaus has the best and most accurate serial number list of known Exakta variations.

Joseph Schneider Optics - a section of this manufacturer's website with optical information about vintage Schneider lenses!

Klaus Wichmann - Herr Wichmann is the author of some fine Exakta related books.


Maurizio's Exakta Pages - Everyone knows Maurizio don't they? The original grand Exakta site!


Kattyuu-Shugi - Exakta Users Club - Buchi's Japanese language site - very nice!


Yon Bezunartea - photo's of Yon's collection which includes a pair of Exaktas. ;-)

Other Photo Sites

Rare and Exotic Rollei Items for Sale!

Marco Antonetto, Topcon Historian - Switzerland - Marco is the author of a Topcon history and has a nice site.

Ryo Inomata's Photo Page - Japan

Gilai's Collectibles - Israel

Moshe Bar-El - Israel

Omocame World - Japan

Leon Schoenfeld's Topcon Collection - US - a very good site representing the late Topcons.

Topcon Repair - US - owned by the son of one of ToKo's top repair technicians.

Topcon Club - Japan

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